Riding lessons


Have you been dreaming of learning to ride a horse or improving your riding skills? Visit our riding school and have a great time!

Riding correctly strengthens the whole human body, helps you to relax and forget everyday worries, and gives you good emotions and energy. People of various ages can participate – children as young as 6 years old start attending their first lessons, during which instructors lead the horse, and young riders sit on a saddled horse, learning to maintain balance and feel the horse.

During the lessons, the focus is entirely on your safety and skills development. Lessons are taught by experienced instructors and are taught on the “Žemaitukai” and “Trakėnai” breeds. Lessons can be held at any time of the year: in good weather – outdoors on the grounds, in bad weather – in the arena.

Carriage ride

In the summer, we offer visitors the opportunity to take a ride in a sports carriage through the lush meadows and feel the warm breeze gusting. It’s great entertainment for both young and old!

The carriage can accommodate groups of up to 5 people. Clothing should be casual and appropriate for the current season.




Since ancient times, Lithuanians and horses have had a strong friendship: horses were used for battles, long journeys, and to carry out heavy work together. This is confirmed by our folk songs, which pay special attention to the relationship between horse and man.

We organize excursions to learn about Lithuanian horse breeds, horse psychology, and behavior. Every horse is different, just like a human being: it has a different history and origins, a distinctive look, color, and even character traits.

The tour and ride lasts 45 minutes and should be for groups of 5 or more people.

  Children’s groups


We invite children to spend their time actively and joyfully after school! We organize clubs where we teach how to make friends with the horse, take care of it, and how to ride correctly. During the sessions, we talk about the horses raised on the stud farm, their history, breeds, sporting and other achievements, horse anatomy and hygiene, and teach how to use equipment and manage the horse.</p

Riding helps develop a child’s coordination, maintain body balance, and become stronger. Riding is somewhat reminiscent of riding a bicycle because, just like the first time sitting on a bike or a horse, the body sways from side to side. However, it is a special branch of sport that helps develop all body muscles: the calves and thighs, which maintain balance on the vaulting horse, the abdominal, chest, and arm muscles, as strength is needed to control the horse. Also, friendship with the horse helps the child become more confident and trusting in themselves – sitting on a vaulting horse teaches relaxation because it is impossible to ride while being tense, so positive emotions are gained by relaxing. Learning to control a horse, the child gains more courage, and then it becomes much easier for them to communicate.

Advanced riders (able to trot and canter independently) who aim to improve their riding skills can attend the clubs. Experienced coaches, winners of various competitions in professional equestrian sports, work with the children.

We invite children and teenagers aged 8–16 to join the clubs.

Photo session with horses

We invite you to capture moments with horses in a photo session dedicated only to you. A photo session with horses in nature is a great way to spend time in the fresh air, get to know horses better, experience unexpected emotions, and capture it all in photos.

Ponies participate in the children’s photo session.

Hen parties and Bachelorette parties


Are you organizing a special celebration for your friends? Come to us!

We organize a tour of the stud farm and horseback riding in enclosed spaces or the outdoor arena for you and your friends. We offer a summer terrace, and a photo session (with your photographer) with the horses.

Personal celebrations


We offer to organize your celebration – a gathering, birthday, or outing with family, colleagues, or friends (this service is available in the warm season from the beginning of May until the end of September).

At ‘Vilniaus žirgynas,’ located 15 km from Vilnius, we have guest houses. We offer a glazed veranda (with WC, water, and electricity) and a green lawn area where you can organize your event. You will also have the opportunity to ride horses or take a carriage ride.

Let your celebration be special, full of joy and good vibes!


Horse care services


For those who own horses, we provide horse care services. Our staff will take care of feeding, watering, and cleaning the stables for your horses.